Insurance services

Defence SACCO have partnered with Housing Finance bancassurance Intermediary (HFBI) to offer insurance services and products to our members for both general and life insurance.

Secure My Car

 >You can protect your vehicles from any accidental damages, fire and theft plus other third-party liabilities through the comprehensive cover. At an additional premium you will also get the excess protector, political violence cover and the loss of use cover/courtesy car for 10 days incase your car has to be repaired. Third party cover to protect against third party liabilities is also available.

We will need;

-Dully completed and signed proposal form

-Copy of your PIN Certificate

-Copy of log book premium required 


Secure My Home

 >We will help you secure your home against loss or damage to the structure and the content in your home. It also extends to phones, laptops, jewelry and other personal possessions. It allows you to insure only what is relevant to you..


Insure My Life

>Protect yourself and your love ones from the effects that arise from accidents through the personal accident cover. It offers benefits such as hospital cash, medical expenses and funeral expenses The coverage is worldwide. .




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